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This is a free web service that illustrates all possible methods to unblock access to a website that is blocked in your computer. This service was created to help users that are not able to connect to a website and are looking for a solution that work. All methods described in this website may allow users to bypass Internet filters and ISPs restrictions, however they are not meant for this! You should use these information ethically and without break any laws in your country or organization.

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This website was created by a creative, young and geek guy that has a passion for web development, Internet freedom, online anonymity and all that is related to technology. I made this website because I wanted to list all available methods useful to access a website that is not accessible or blocked, so that also other users can benefit of these information. Of course, this is for educational purpose only! If you have found a new method that is not described in this website please contact me.

This web service offers also a large variety of privacy tools, network tools and resources about online anonymity. All these tools are completely free to use by anyone. If you found this website useful please share it with your friends and on social networks so that we can become known by more users. We show advertisements on our web page to be able to pay the bills and maintain this website online and active. This website proudly uses Bootstrap and Glyphicons, the site template is private.

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