Change My IP Address

Change your IP address, both static and dynamic

How can I change or renew my IP address ? There is a simple way to change your IP address via ipconfig command on Microsoft Windows, this can be done only if your IP address is dynamic (that can be renewed) and not static (that cannot change). To use this method, click on the "Start" icon in the taskbar, then select "Run..." and type "cmd.exe" to open then Command Prompt, then type "ipconfig /release" and then "ipconfig /renew". The last comand will renew the IP address assigned by the DHCP. Alternatively you can power off and then power on your modem or router, this will change the dynamic IP address to a new one, even if you are using Linux or Mac.

Change your static IP address

A more valid solution to change your IP address, and even your static IP address, is to use VPN services to connect to the Internet. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network IP address that is used like a shield, you establish the connection only with the VPN IP address, and then the VPN establishes the connection with remote IP addresses or with remote websites. So your IP address is always hidden behind the VPN IP address, this way is like if you change your IP address via the VPN service. A VPN is easy to configure and works with any operating system (Windows, Linux, Android, OSX).

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