Change MAC Address

Find a way to change your MAC address

How can I change my MAC address ? How can I spoof my MAC address ? A MAC address (also known as Media Access Control address) is like a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications (for example, your Wi-Fi or Ethernet network card). For privacy reasons, you may think about changing (or spoofing) the MAC address of the network Wi-Fi card on your computer. Below you can find all needed information to change the MAC address on Windows, Mac and Linux:

Change MAC Address on Linux

Login as root and type the following commands:

//Stop the network interface:
root@server:~# /etc/init.d/networking stop

//Now change your MAC address:
root@server:~# ifconfig eth0 hw ether 03:02:05:06:08:06

//And start the network interface:
root@server:~# /etc/init.d/networking start

//Confirm the action:
root@server:~# ifconfig eth0

Alternatively there are some free applications you can use:

GNU MAC Changer 1.6.0

GNU MAC Changer Screenshot

Commands needed to install and use GNU MAC Changer:

//Install GNU MAC Changer
root@server:~# sudo apt-get install macchanger macchanger-gtk

//Open the GUI
root@server:~# macchanger-gtk

//Change MAC address via terminal
root@server:~# macchanger --mac=01:23:45:67:89:AB eth1

Change MAC Address on Windows

These are some freeware and safe applications you can use:

MAC Address Changer v1.0

MAC Address Changer Screenshot

Technitium MAC Address Changer v6.0.5

Technitium MAC Address Changer Screenshot

Spoof-Me-Now v1.0

Spoof-Me-Now Screenshot

Change MAC Address on Mac OSX

Open the terminal and type the following commands:

//Display the current MAC address
ifconfig en0 |grep ether

//Change the MAC address
sudo ifconfig en0 ether c4:3b:a3:1d:f1:26

//Verify it has been changed
ifconfig en0 |grep ether

Alternatively there are some free applications you can use:

MacDaddy 0.2.21 Beta

MacDaddy Screenshot

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