Hide My IP Address

Find a way to hide your IP address online

How can I hide my IP address on Internet ? The Internet privacy is a hot topic on these days, particularly after that the documents about the NSA's surveillance programs have been leaked by Edward Snowden. Your IP address is like your fingerprint online, used to identify your computer, your geographical location and your activity while you browse websites or while you chat with your friends. There are few methods that you can use to hide your IP address on Internet, both free and paid. We can recommend you to purchase a fast and anonymous VPN service, but keep reading below:


 Use a VPN service for 100% online anonymity

The most reliable paid method to hide your IP address online is to use an anonymous VPN service to completely hide your IP address and your online activity. A VPN is superior compared to the web proxy, it really encrypts all the Internet traffic, no one can know your real IP address this way, and it is also very fast and works with every website. Plus you can also hide your IP address on Skype, Messenger, eMule, mIRC and uTorrent. Every application can connect to the Internet via the VPN and so your IP address is always hidden behind the IP address of the VPN service.

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 Visit websites via anonymous web proxies

The most popular method to hide the IP address used by regular Internet users is to browse websites via free web proxies. The main benefit of using this method is that it works from any web browser, it does not require any particular knowledge and there is no need to install third-party software. Instead, the downside is that this does not guarantee you a good anonymity, there is always the possibility that your IP address is revealed to the remote website and some websites may not work properly.

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 Browse Internet with the well known Tor Project

Tor Project is another valid option to hide your IP address online for free. Tor is a free software and an open network that helps you to protect your online identity by hiding your real IP address and your online activity. You may consider Tor like a sort of a VPN software, where it bounces your Internet communications around a distributed network of relays (IP addresses) run by volunteers all around the world. The only downside we have noticed with Tor is the connection speed that sometime is slow.

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 Use an open Wi-Fi from Internet cafè

Some users have recommended us to add also another free method to hide your IP address online, that is using an open Wi-Fi hotspot from restaurants, Internet café, pubs, Internet points, hotels, bars, etc. In this case, you should use an operating system that is like Linux (because it does not require a registration or a license key) and you may also think to change (or spoof) the MAC address (Media Access Control) of the network WiFi card, present in the computer, for a better anonymity level.

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