IP Blacklist Check

Check if an IP address is blacklisted by DNSBLs

Free tool used to check if an IP address is blacklisted by DNSBL services (aka Domain Name Blacklist). There are literally dozens of DNSBL services out there, the most popular ones are Spamhaus, TornevalNET, SpamCop and SURBL. DNSBL services are mostly used by anti-spam filters to detect spam messages by filtering the IP address of the sender, they are also used by security software to detect malicious IP addresses related to malware or phishing. Below you can scan an IP address:

Some malware and trojans may be used by cybercriminals to send spam messages from the victim's infected PC. When this happens, the IP address of the victim becomes almost always detected by DNSBL services as malicious because it was used for spam activities. If, when you sign up to a website, you receive error messages like "Your IP address is banned" or "Your IP address was used for spamming activities", then it means your IP address was used for illicit activities. You can use this tool to check if your IP address is present on DNSBL services. If it is, you should ask to the DNSBL services to remove it or you may change your IP address.