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Can't access or connect to reddit.com due to Internet filters or due to a malware/spyware incident ? No problem, this page illustrates you all possible ways to bypass filters and applications used to block access to reddit.com in your computer or mobile device. If you will read this page till the end, you should find at least one working method to unblock access to reddit.com. These information are only for educational purpose. By reading this web page you agree to the terms.

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 Option 1: Use a free web proxy

A web proxy is a free online service that allows you to browse a website anonymously and without leaving traces of your IP address on the remote website. You can try to use one of the web proxies listed below to bypass filters and access reddit.com via these free and fast online web proxies. The main downside of online web proxies is that some sites may not work properly, in this case buy a VPN service.

Web ProxyCountryAction
Cantaccess.com fr France Visit site →
Proxfree.com us United States Visit site →
4proxy.de de Germany Visit site →

 Option 2: Buy a VPN service

Unblock reddit.com without proxy using a VPN service, that is much more powerful compared to HTTP or web proxies. A VPN can encrypt all the Internet traffic of the applications installed in your computer or mobile device (yes, you can use it also in your Apple products). With a VPN you can also easily change IP address via a simple drop-down menu and bypass reddit.com blocks.

VPN ProviderMonthly PriceAction
HideMyAss Pro From $ 6.55 USD Visit site →
ExpressVPN Service From $ 8.32 USD Visit site →
IPVanish VPN From $ 6.49 USD Visit site →

 Option 3: Change DNS servers

If none of the previous methods worked, you may try to edit the network settings on your computer and change the default DNS servers to Google Public DNS IP addresses. Some users that were not able to connect to reddit.com have reported this method to be successful, and same as for the web proxies, it is free. In case you have problems with this method, you should try a real VPN service.

 Option 4: Use online translators

You may try to unblock access to reddit.com via online translators such as Google Translate or Bing Translator. This method may work because when you try to translate "http://reddit.com" in another language, the online translators may allow you to browse reddit.com directly via their web translation service, and actually you visit the translation service and not reddit.com directly...

 Option 5: Try Google cache

Google cache may be another possible method useful to unblock reddit.com site as it acts similar to online translation services, it allows you to browse the site via their web interface and so acting like a web proxy service. You can use Google cache to bypass filters that block access to reddit.com on your computer. If the site does not work correctly, you can always use a VPN service.

 Option 6: Try Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine is a free web service created by The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit company, that is used to take a history of snapshot of websites, so users can see how reddit.com homepage looked in the past, for example. However, this web service works like a web proxy, because it may allow you to browse reddit.com via their web service directly, bypassing Internet filters.

 Option 7: Use HTTP/SOCKS proxies

Another possibly valid method to access reddit.com may be to use HTTP (80) or SOCKS proxies IP addresses. You can configure your web browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari) to use an IP:PORT proxy and visit reddit.com website anonymously. To find a list of fast and working IP:PORT anonymous proxies you can visit this web page. For a better anonymity buy a VPN service.

 Option 8: Try Tor Project

Tor Project is an open soure software that prevents people from knowing your real IP address or browsing habits, something like a VPN. Tor is a network of anonymous IP addresses (like HTTP proxies) that are used by the program to anonymize your traffic. Tor works from any web browsers and you may try to use Tor to access reddit.com and bypass filters. If you still can't access the site, get a VPN service.

 Option 9: Edit the hosts file

Some applications or malware may block access to reddit.com by hijacking the hosts file, generally located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts for Microsoft Windows and in /private/etc/hosts for Mac OSX. What you need to do is open the hosts file, find the lines related to reddit.com (if present) and remove them, then save the changes. Now try to restart the web browser and then try to visit again the website.

 Option 10: Run a malware scan

Also malware and trojans may block access to reddit.com, if you think this is your case, you should run a scan of your system with a valid anti-malware software, such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Just download and install the software and click the scan button. If it finds malicious objects, create a system restore point and then delete the detected objects. Reboot the PC and try to visit the website again.

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