Free Web Proxy Scripts

Up-to-date list of free web-based proxy scripts

Are you looking to start your own PHP/CGI/Perl web proxy site ? We have created an up-to-date list of free and working web-based proxy scripts available for download. A web-based proxy is useful to visit websites anonymously and bypass filters that block access to specific websites (for example Facebook, Youtube, Twitter). You can install in your own VPS the preferred web proxy script and enjoy the online anonymity.

Glype Proxy Script v1.4.15


Glype® is a PHP web-based proxy script focused in functionality and ease of use. In 2010 it has been acquired by UpsideOut, Inc. and is actively developed, as you can see from their announcements. This proxy script is free only for personal use, if you want to use it commercially you need to purchase a license. The unique features are: simple theme system to easily customize the layout, plugin system to support specific websites (like YouTube), option to log all the proxy activity, block users by IP addresses, block websites by domain name, remove scripts and flash objects.

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CGIProxy v2.1.17


CGIProxy is (as the name says) a CGI script that acts as an HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP proxy. The script was written back on 2006 by James Marshall, it is written in Perl and its development seems active (the last version was released on November 13, 2014). Besides running as a CGI script, it can also run under mod_perl, as a FastCGI script, or can use its own embedded HTTP server. Main options include a text-only proxying to save bandwidth, cookie filtering, ad filtering, script removal and much more. Free only for non-commercial use, commercial use requires a license.

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PHP-Proxy v3.0


PHP-Proxy (not to be confused with the old PHProxy) is a new web-based proxy written entirely in PHP, built specifically to be fast and simple to configure. This web proxy is completely free to use for both personal and commercial use. It supports video streaming websites such as YouTube, it uses a plugin system to support specific websites and allows to log all proxy activity. It is built on PHP, Symfony, Curl and is actively developed, as you can view on GitHub. Take in mind that this is a project and not a library, you need to use composer to install it. This is definitely a valid alternative to Glype.

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