What is My User Agent ?

Find what is your current user agent

The user agent is a string that is sent from the web browser to the remote website. It is used to send information about your web browser in use and about your operating system to the web server. Each web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera) and operating system (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac) has a different user agent, that changes also based on the version number of the web browser. There is nothing to worry about the information present in the user agent, they are mostly used by web servers for statistical purposes and to recognize your web browser, that's all.

Below you can find your user agent string:

Do you want to change your user agent string on your web browser ? You can do this with a simple browser addon named User Agent Switcher. This add-on is available for major web browsers, including Firefox Favicon Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Favicon Opera, and Firefox Favicon Google Chrome. The Apple Safari already has a similar tool in the "Develop" menu (this can be enabled in Preferences > Advanced if you do not have it enabled). With Internet Explorer you need to press F12 to open the "Developer Tools", then click on "Tools" > "Change user agent string", select the new user agent and refresh this page.

Here are more user agent strings:

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